My Story

I’m Lauren Coburn.  I grew up with an artist for a mom and a racecar driver / ophthalmologist for a dad.  I have always had this love of design.  Yes, I was the girl who redecorated her room every week and was known in the neighborhood as the “fabric lady.”  I found my passion early on, believing that the one thing I could do better than anyone else was redesigning homes.

After attending Cranbrook Academy and graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in interior architecture, I was formally trained by Chicago’s renowned Tigerman McCurry Architects.

My Brand

Lauren Coburn is a full-service licensed interior design and renovation firm that opened its doors in 2004 for all the amazing people who cherish their homes and feel their best when in their own surroundings. Your space is part of who you are. It’s a part of your personality.  It reflects your hopes and dreams, your brand.  That’s why we are committed to being there for you to help you love your space.

Since so many people are building new homes these days, now more than ever, I’m taking on a much-needed role working with teams of architects and builders.  I am working on furniture floor plans and elevations in conjunction with the rest of the team.  I am also the one making sure things like lights/outlets are all in the right place. My role is to be the client’s advocate.  I am the one making sure their vision is realized and executed throughout the entire building process.

Why me? 

Good question, right?  There are certainly a lot of talented designers out there.  Well, here it goes:

I trained with the best.  I know how to do this.  I’ve got all the awards and testimonials if you want to see them, but more importantly, I’d rather get to know you — so together, we can elevate your space.

I’m an experienced architectural interior designer that can help you figure out how to start, what to spend, and where to end.  But it’s your playground, so you make the rules.

My mission is to help anyone reimagine, redesign or newly create their own personal space.  I’m committed to collaborating with you to create “magic” when it comes to your surroundings.  Think of me as your coach, your advocate, or your inspiration.

Maybe it’s time for you to love your space.  And maybe I can help.

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