After attending Cranbrook Academy and graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in interior architecture, Lauren was formally trained by Chicago’s renowned Tigerman McCurry Architects. It was here, under Stanley Tigerman’s and Margaret McCurry’s guidance, that Lauren honed her understanding of the visceral interplay between architecture and interior design.

Lauren started her own interior design and architecture firm in 2004 with the goal of offering her clients a sought-after working arrangement with three core pillars: complete transparency between herself and her clients, exceptional customer service, and virtually unfettered client access to her directly. These principles continue to drive Lauren’s business to this day and have led her to international recognition, inclusion in the world’s top design groups, including Leaders Of Design Council and the International Design Society (IDS), and award-winning collaborations across a variety of styles.

“I enjoy working with each and every one of my clients and maintaining an open, warm, and compassionate communication style with them.” ~ L.C. 

Lauren always executes her designs with discretion , forthrightness, and an unerring attention to her clients’ demands, tastes, preferences, and living arrangements, as well as the environment in which she’s working. Lauren believes that design is only successful if it is carefully thought through, not only from a decorative standpoint, but, first and foremost, from a spatial standpoint that exudes architectural continuity. In doing so, she helps her clients reimagine their homes by showing them possibilities they didn’t know existed to refine and achieve their optimal vision. And, although each of Lauren’s interiors looks very different, they each have commonalities in terms of clean lines and timeless features, with a mix of high-end with low, modern with vintage, and custom designs with off-the-floor pieces.

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