Lauren Coburn

Architectural Interior Designer

We believe that a person's home should be their oasis.  After facing the challenges and trials of the outside world all day, reacting to things from every direction, home should be a place that a person comes to in order to connect, reconnect, and disconnect-- and that, when a person is in their home, there's no other place they'd rather be.  

“I can show you all the awards and testimonials but I’d rather get to know you, and what you’re looking for.” ~ L.C.

“I can help you figure out how to start, what to spend, and where to end. But it’s your playground, so you make the rules.”~ L.C.


Used to add texture, pattern and color for creating focal points in a room.

Fossil Gray Rattan


Natural stone adds movement and a pop of color to a space, plus every slab is unique making the space special.  Can be used for countertops, accent walls, backsplashes.   Meanwhile, manmade stone can be a practical and less costly alternative to natural stone.

Blanco Carrara Marble


These bring softness, warmth, texture, and pattern to a space.

Laurens Pro Tip: Layering textiles adds depth and can help you give a room a particular feel.
Alpaca Gray Textile


The “jewelry” on furniture, built-ins, and cabinetry. Using the right hardware on a piece makes it all the more special.

Hand Hammered Hardware

"I’m on a mission to help you reimagine, elevate, and love your space" ~ L.C.

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