Astor Street Residence


Astor Street Residence

Working with Carr-Warner Architects and Fisher Builders, Lauren and her team did a full-gut renovation on a historic, five-story home and coach house on Chicago’s prestigious Astor Street. They assisted Carr-Warner and the client in all aspects of construction and then went on to furnish the home with transitional warm tones throughout, that showcase the client’s accessories and modern art collections to their fullest.

“I so appreciated the opportunity to renovate and decorate this historic house, preserving the original outside of the home but changing the color palette, the interior architecture, and design to reflect the client’s modern tastes.” ~ L.C.

Design Style

Speaks to the timeframe between the Second World War and the present. It’s based on current trends, without the ridged confines of Modernism, for pieces that are well made, beautiful, and efficient.
Urban Modern
Often stimulated by the architectural envelope of the space and inspired by the glamor of a city-living lifestyle, it involves contemporary, modern, and industrial design styles, with an emphasis on comfort and sumptuous interiors.
A blending of various styles to create a cohesive design with a mix of different design sensibilities.

Color Palette

Primary Color

Secondary Color

Accent color

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