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A prominent attorney in Chicago came to Lauren wanting a very Modern and high tech looking office, yet not your typical office furniture throughout.  Lauren soon after discovered the client’s shared passion for Mid Century Modern antiques, and she foundVintage pieces through antique dealers in the city.  She refinished, reupholstered, and reworked them to be updated in style and also to reflect the Modern style of the office.  The juxtaposition of the hard metal and glass alongside the Classic furniture pieces provide for interest throughout the office.  This is definitely not your typical traditional style Law Firm!


Another request from the client was that his partners all get expansive and private window offices, while still creating open spaces in the core of the space where employees can congregate.  We custom designed a curved sectional sofa in the Cafe with attached walnut end tables/bookshelves.  


We also designed a custom conference 140” conference table in figured walnut wood, and used reupholstered Vintage Zographos conference chairs to accompany the table.  The art is by Barbara Coburn and Robert Medsker.

Design Style

A design style that focuses on minimalism, clean lines, simplicity, and function. It refers to mid 20th-century designs.
Focused on eliminating the “extras” in a space and embracing the “less is more” concept. Function, open space, and carefully placed design elements are emphasized for a clean, refined elegance.
Urban Modern
Often stimulated by the architectural envelope of the space and inspired by the glamor of a city-living lifestyle, it involves contemporary, modern, and industrial design styles, with an emphasis on comfort and sumptuous interiors.
Interior industrial design is based on the types of utilitarian aesthetic that you’d see in a warehouse or factory. The use of concrete, unfinished woods, and metals are common.

Color Palette

Primary Color

Secondary Color

Accent color

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