Glen Ellyn Estate


Glen Ellyn Estate

The client came to Lauren wanting to transform their traditional estate’s dark and heavy interior into a coastal-esque, light-filled haven. The overscaled, French-inspired furniture pieces—most of which Lauren custom designed—pay homage to the grand proportions of the home, and gave the client unique pieces that fit his tastes, his passion for overseas travel, and his personal vision.  Given the fact that three young children and two dogs also call this place home, Lauren used practical, yet beautiful, stain-resistant fabrics throughout.  

“With this project I was asked to craft custom furniture pieces throughout the entire home to fit its large scale and draw on the client’s passion for overseas travel and love of French-inspired design, all while creating the overall feel of a lake house.”

Design Style

Using natural light, soft tones and clean lines can bring the beach feel into your home.
Speaks to the timeframe between the Second World War and the present. It’s based on current trends, without the ridged confines of Modernism, for pieces that are well made, beautiful, and efficient.

Color Palette

Primary Color

Secondary Color

Accent color

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