Villa Blanco

North Shore Chicago

Villa Blanco

A dynamic, young couple with three young children came to Lauren to help build and design their long-term, dream home. She curated a powerhouse team of Cook Architectural Design Studio, Legacy Custom Homes, and Lauren Coburn LLC to collaborate with the clients on creating the perfect vision for their home. Together, they decided on a Mediterranean-style aesthetic for the exterior with an interior that’s bright and airy with highlighted clean lines, and sunlight flowing in from every direction. Massively-scaled moldings were used to fit the proportions of the home and multiple giant daybeds were incorporated throughout, for lounging and enjoying time together.

“This project was an extraordinarily special journey. I was given the opportunity to help form the architectural team from the beginning, and was a part of every experience and detail from when the house broke ground to when it was completed. The clients also were a dream to work with, which made the project all the more wonderful.” ~ L.C.

Design Style

Speaks to the timeframe between the Second World War and the present. It’s based on current trends, without the ridged confines of Modernism, for pieces that are well made, beautiful, and efficient.
A design style that focuses on minimalism, clean lines, simplicity, and function. It refers to mid 20th-century designs.
Focused on eliminating the “extras” in a space and embracing the “less is more” concept. Function, open space, and carefully placed design elements are emphasized for a clean, refined elegance.

Color Palette

Primary Color

Secondary Color

Accent color

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