Winnetka Residence

North Shore Chicago

In conjunction with New Look Development, Lauren was hired to do a gut renovation of the master suite in this vintage home. She and her team chose a sumptuous palette of blues, creams, and sepia tones, carefully selected light fixtures to create drama and elegance, and whitewashed the oak-panel floors, while using antique rugs to lend warmth. The same care and attention was given to the his-and-hers baths. Here, they used hand-plated, antique bronze fixtures from Waterworks, a hidden TV within a mirror, Calacatta Gold marble, black iron detailing, and marble inlaid floor details that transition from the bathroom to the lady of the house’s “grand closet,” also custom-designed to house her incredible jewelry, clothing, and shoe inventory.  

The challenge and excitement of this project was how to seamlessly integrate a newly gutted and decorated master suite, to continuously blend with the rest of the vintage estate.  We drew on the client’s elegant and traditional tastes alongside their needs to create an updated space that still evoked the personality of the existing home.” ~ L.C.

Design Style

A blending of various styles to create a cohesive design with a mix of different design sensibilities.

Color Palette

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