Looking for inspiration? Get ready to love your space by learning how I've helped reimagine and redesign people's homes over the last 20 years.

Who Am I?

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for design. While other girls were out playing with Barbies, I was the girl who redecorated her room every week and invited her friends over to play “Fabric Lady.” I discovered my passion early on, that one thing I believed I was  great at, redesigning homes.

I started Lauren Coburn for all of you who cherish your homes and want to love your space. The space you live in is a part of who you are — it’s part of your personality, it’s your brand.

So, why me? I have over 20 years of experience — I trained with the best. Yes, I know how to do this.  I have all of the awards and testimonials if you’re interested in seeing them, but more importantly, I’d rather see you — so together, we can figure out how to elevate your space.

Together, we can reimagine and redesign your home, bringing it way beyond what you think it can look like. Or if you’re building a new home, we can collaborate and start from the very beginning. I can help you figure out how to start, what to spend, and where to end. But it’s your playground, so you make the rules.

Even though things are changing, we’ve all been living through crazy unpredictable stay at home times. Like a lot of people, I’m in my office, my husband is three floors up on Zoom, and my son is doing virtual learning in his room. Half of the time, they’re asking each other to be quiet. Our space has to work for all of us, that’s why I’m on a Mission to help you love your space.

If we’re not going out as much, let’s make staying in look and feel more comfortable, more beautiful, and more unique. So look around. Maybe it’s time to love your space, and maybe I can help. Feel free to reach out…. I’m here.

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