Looking for inspiration? Get ready to love your space by learning how I've helped reimagine and redesign people's homes over the last 20 years.

“The Consultation” with Lauren Coburn

I’m Lauren Coburn, an architectural interior designer on a mission to help everyone love their space. It feels amazing to help people reimagine and redesign their homes in a way that makes them happiest. So, if you’re thinking of redoing your space, you’re probably wondering, where does it all begin?. 

It starts with a Consultation. This is where we get to know each other in person and walk through the whole project together. Think of me as not only your designer, but as your advocate and a source of inspiration. I’m here to understand and discuss exactly what you’re looking for, both stylistically and logistically. 

During the Consultation, we can dive into any pictures you might have of room styles, furniture, colors, or ideas that personally intrigue you. I always love looking at imagery of what my clients love and dream about when it comes to reimaging their space.

Different people look for different things.  I worked on a new home design with a family that wanted an elegant, white kitchen — but with a pop of color that made it uniquely them. We decided to add a stunning custom perriwinkle  La Cornue stove which livened up the whole kitchen. And I’m proud to say we won an award for the interior design of the whole house.

The next part of the Consultation is explaining how it all works — from my philosophy and work style to the timing and billing of the project. Then if you decide “let’s do it,” I would write up a contract.

But the most important part of a Consultation is for us to get to know each other and find out if there’s chemistry. I want to find out what you love. If I can get to know you, then we can collaborate and together come up with the perfect way for you to fall in love with your space.

Thinking about a Consultation?  Just let me know.

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