Lake Shore


Lake Shore Residence

In collaboration with JMD Builders, Lauren and her team gutted and renovated this single-floor, 3,400 square-foot apartment to create a space that was designed to highlight the client’s extensive art collection of up-and-coming artists. They also gave the client a kitchen that maximized storage space, provided for adequate entertaining, and optimized its unique shape. Lauren custom-designed many of the new furniture pieces to follow the apartment’s Beaux Art architecture, including the curved, bespoke sofa in the living room, which was tailored to follow the curve of the windows and emphasize the panoramic Lake Michigan views.

This project is a great example of creating a space that’s inspired by the client’s passions, which—in this case—was to create a canvas for their art collection and a wonderful space for entertaining.” ~ L.C.

Design Style

Interior industrial design is based on the types of utilitarian aesthetic that you’d see in a warehouse or factory. The use of concrete, unfinished woods, and metals are common.
Focused on eliminating the “extras” in a space and embracing the “less is more” concept. Function, open space, and carefully placed design elements are emphasized for a clean, refined elegance.
Urban Modern
Often stimulated by the architectural envelope of the space and inspired by the glamor of a city-living lifestyle, it involves contemporary, modern, and industrial design styles, with an emphasis on comfort and sumptuous interiors.

Color Palette

Primary Color

Secondary Color

Accent color

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